This week we reflected on the genre that is science fiction in Latin America. I thought this was interesting because not much of science fiction is known that comes from Latin America. Technological advances are spread world wide and reflect the content in most science fiction novels. Science fiction allows the readers to examine the possible effects of globalization. Technology is important as it has been global since its introduction. It has made science fiction a global genre.


This is a scene from the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” made by Guillermo del Toro. The film was pronounced no. 24 best sci-fi and fantasy film of all time. Latin America has taken the genre of science fiction and use it in order to express their ideas about reality. Writers use science fiction in order to reflect Latin American realities. They seek to reveal hidden truths. It could be said that in the film, the hidden truth was to keep the honesty and imagination that children have as the adult world comes filled with corruption.Science fiction allows for writers to explore injustices around them as well as around the world. They may reveal what is happening around the world and how technology may be taking over their lives and their neighbors lives. An example of this is how there are many jobs taken away from local businesses as foreign competition takes over. Every day something is invented that is supposed to use less human resources and rely on technology. I have heard about a graduate student who is currently working on machines that are meant to clean airplanes. This means laying off many of the maintanance jobs. This is just a glimpse of what globalization can do and how progressed it will be in the future.

The readings this week reflected on how technology has some sort of impact on individual lives. In the story “Grey Noise” by Pepe Rojas, a future civilization is introduced as morbid since most people suicide in order to escape their reality. It serves mainly as a critique of the media and their addictive traits. The other story we read titled “First Time” introduces another future society that is out of the norms of today. This new world seems civilized as their every move is documented by technology. However, at the end of the story it is found out that it is considered normal to kill other people. In this way the civilization morally contradicts itself. The story is also a critique of technology and its power over society.

The last reading we had was that of Borges, a man considrered important earlier writer of science fiction. The reading is difficult to read as it was purposely done so. Borges writes about a planet named Tlon and how its civilization is. He also introduces the names of individuals that could have also helped in documenting the planet Tlon. He is the transition from magical realism to science fiction.

By viewing the clips we did in class, i have become more interested in science fiction from a Latin American perspective. I enjoy the earlier films better than the newer ones.